regulates the metabolism of alcohol

About the product

2KC dietary supplement ... and the life is wonderful again!

2KC - dietary supplement to be used after alcohol consumption...

Effects: Beneficial - anyone who has ever overdone the drink will certainly appreciate them.

What a relief! 2KC dietary supplement is designed to help you feel better and reduce the "day after" syndrome which is sometimes a side effect of good fun. With 2KC you will regain faith in life after alcohol consumption...

End of horror! 2KC dietary supplement allows to avoid the symptoms of the popular "hangover" - it helps remove an after-party fatigue mask from the face, restoring a fresh appearance to the skin and eyes.

Cleaned up! 2KC dietary supplement has a beneficial effect on the processes of excretion from the body of toxic substances formed during the natural breakdown of alcohol in your body.

Puts you on your feet! 2KC dietary supplement helps restore and rebuild the physical strength of the body "tired" after an intense - memorable evening, which ... lasted slightly longer than expected.

Application: 2KC - good to have it at hand ...

The best results are achieved after taking 1 tablet per 50 g of pure alcohol. If necessary, additional tablets may be taken, up to 6 per day. The next day, another 2-3 tablets may be taken. The maximum number of tablets per day should not exceed 6.

Warnings: Things you need to know!

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
In the case of gastric hyperacidity tablets should be taken with or after meals with plenty of water.
Store at room temperature in a dry place out of reach of young children.
Dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute (replacement) for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.